Melanidis Orchestra
Professional Studio Orchestra


The Melanidis Orchestra was created in 2012 and is a professional, specialized studio orchestra. Members of the Orchestra are qualified classical musicians – most talented graduates from The Fryderyk Chopin University of Music in Warsaw from recent years. High level of technical skills of instrumentalists of the Orchestra, developed over the dozen years of education under the eyes of the best professors, combined with emotional commitment, typical for young orchestras, create a team of brilliant musicians who are flexible and open to the idea of diverse compositions. At the same time, the Melanidis Orchestra’s musicians enthusiastically perform extraordinary instrumental effects, emphasising dramaturgy of film scenes, which has impact on viewers and help them understand director’s vision. Quality of soundtrack is significant part of film and influences the nature of scenes, characters and emotions.

The Orchestra includes selected musicians with broad experience in studio work, what guarantees possibility of recording every type of material in high quality and short time. This experience is crucial asset of the Melanidis Orchestra because of the differences between work in studio and concert performances. It makes the Melanidis Orchestra unique in Poland.

Since the beginning, the Melanidis Orchestra cooperates with film music composer Bartek Gliniak.

In its portfolio the Orchestra has records for full-lenght Polish and foreign films and documentaries as well.

Melanidis Orchestra

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Composition of the Orchestra

The Orchestra includes: string instruments – string quintet, wind instruments – woodwind and brass instruments, percussion instruments. The composition of the Orchestra can be modified according to Leeds: from quintet through chamber orchestra to symphony orchestra. Everything depends on composer, direktor and producer’s vision. The Orchestra cooperates with pianists, singers and mixed choir.

The solid fundament of the Orchestra is string quartet The Time Quartet – musicians are leaders of different sections of string quintet.

Maksymilian Grzesiak

Violinist Maksymilian Grzesiak is founder and concertmaster of the Melanidis Orchestra – he graduated from professor Tadeusz Gadzina’s master class at The Fryderyk Chopin University of Music in Warsaw. Grzesiak is laureate of many national and international competitions and auditions. He participated in several international music festivals, including Young Virtuoso in Tunis. He performs as a solist and memeber of diverse instrumental groups in Poland, Great Britain, Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Czech Republic, Romania, Greece, Tunisia, Russia, South Korea, China and Hungary. He performer solo concerts with Wroclaw Philharmonic Orchestra, Chamber Orchestra „Leopoldinum” and Festival Orchestra „Classic Premiere”.

Maksymilian Grzesiak is a member of Tango Fuerte – quintet specialized in performing Astor Piazzolla’s pieces – with which he recorded two albums. He is also first violinist in string quartet The Time Quartet which works with Andrzej Jagodziński’s Trio. The Time Quartet recorded Agnieszka Wilczyńska’s first jazz solo album. In 2016 her album was awarded Fryderyk in category: phonographic jazz debut of the year. Recently The Time Quartet recorded their first own album „One”.

Grzesiak participates in recording contemporary music pieces (among others DUX phonographic company – Jagoda Szmytka’s and Agata Zubel’s pieces).

Maksymilian Grzesiak